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About Us

Clean and Correct Dentistry Sainikpuri is the best dental clinic in Sainikpuri.

A warm place that has the elements of the highest standard of hygiene and efficient work. So, when you step inside Clean and Correct Dentistry, the anxiety associated with a dental clinic vanishes, and what awaits is a friendly and warm team.

We have taken care of hygiene and cleanliness at every step to make it a safe place. It gives us immense happiness to share that we have HEPA-installed air purifiers, regular fumigation after your appointment, a Class B autoclave, in-house water distillation, and other strict safety protocols that we follow diligently.

Our team of doctors is from India’s best dental colleges, who are highly proficient in their work and knowledge.

Comfort-Care-Compassion is our go-to motto. We wish you a happy dental treatment experience.

Why Choose us?

Great Atmosphere

Our anxiety-free and relaxing environment along with the best team of dentists near Sainikpuri provide you with the best dental clinic experience right from the beginning of your visit.

Evidence-Based Practice

Clinical expertise, Treatments based on research updates & Patient-centric approach are our core values to provide you with the best dental treatment in Sainikpuri, Secunderabad. This helps us achieve our goal of creating the best dental clinic experience for you. 

Patient Safety & Hygiene

We follow best-in-class safety protocols to ensure a completely sterile environment in the treatment areas. HEPA air filter and Silver hydrogen peroxide fumigation provide us with the safe environment we'd like as patients. 

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