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Female white toothy smile

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly opted treatment for whitening the teeth. It is completely non- invasive and painless. So if your yellowish teeth are bothering you then you can plan to get rid of it now!!


What is the procedure to get the teeth whitening?

It’s a simple procedure that requires 2 appointments. Each appointment consists of application of whitening agent on your outer surface of your teeth. This is left for some time on your teeth and eventually washed off. This is followed by polishing of your teeth.

Will home remedies suffice? Do I really need to get it done in a dental office?

Well home remedies for whitening of teeth mask the problem for a short time. Moreover using harsh products on teeth leads to damaging of the outer surface of teeth.

It is best suggested to always talk to your dentist. Every case is different and staining or discoloration can be of various types as well. So your dentist knows the best about your treatment.

So anyone can get it done?

Well like we said every case is different and so are the outcomes. It is best to be suggested after the dentist checks the scenario. In general yellow teeth respond better than brownish or greyish teeth.

Are there any side effects of getting the teeth whitening?           

There are no side effects of getting the teeth whitening. However, some people may experience sensitivity. This is usually for a brief period of time and goes away off its own.

At Clean and Correct Dentistry, Dental Clinic in Sainikpuri you can avail this cosmetic dental procedure and gift yourself a brand new smile that is sparkling white. You can book an appointment to know more about this procedure or get it done. We are here to answer all your queries associated with any dental issue you might be facing.

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