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Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

Clean & Correct Dentistry, Sainikpuri is the best dental clinic if you are looking to replace your dental crowns (caps) or you are looking for crown and bridge near you. Visit us at Clean and Correct Dentistry to have a hassle free treatment.


What is crown and bridge?

A dental crown is mostly addressed as cap by general population. This one works as a replacement to your natural tooth or is given post root canal. A crown and bridge is given for replacing multiple teeth. In such cases a support is taken from natural tooth on either side or on one side.


How many appointments it will take for me? What will the procedure be like?

For your crown and bridge it will take two appointments to replace your natural missing teeth. We will be preparing your tooth/teeth and take an impression with the help of soft material. In your second appointment you get your crown or crown and bridge ready.


How much will be the cost of the treatment?

So we have a variety of options to offer you. You can choose your best option from the ones we provide you. Every treatment done in Clean and Correct Dentistry is of highest standard and care. We provide you with the various options from metal ceramic and porcelain. Replacement per tooth cost you from 4k to 10k depending on the material you have chosen.


For how long my crown and bridge last?

Once you get your crown and bridge ready, your dentist will instruct on maintenance of the same. All you have to do is follow the instructions and take care of your oral hygiene. This will last longer, even a lifetime if taken proper care of.


If you are someone who is willing to replace one or more teeth and would not like to go ahead with any surgical option (IMPLANT) or the removable one, then dental crown and bridge is one such option that is a fixed solution and will ease out your function in the best possible way. Book an appointment with us to have your best dental crown from the experts.

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