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Image by Yingpis Kalayom

If you want to straighten your teeth or you are you looking for the best braces treatment in Sainikpuri then book an appointment at Clean and Correct Dentistry, Dental Clinic in Sainikpuri to get the best quality braces at an affordable price.

 What are dental braces?

Dental braces are wire based appliances given by your orthodontist that help in correcting the crowded, mal-aligned or mal-positioned teeth. They help in proper alignment of your teeth and jaws so that you get a beautiful smile and proper functioning of your teeth. They improve your overall dental health in multiple ways.

What are various types of braces available?

There are different types of braces such as metal braces, ceramic braces or the invisible ones. The invisible ones are referred as clear aligners. Traditionally metal braces were the option given to the patients.

Modern dentistry gives you the option of clear aligners as well. These transparent braces are of saving grace as they are unnoticeable by others. You wear your transparent braces with a confidence and they hardly affect your routine. They don’t interfere with your looks and you wear them with utmost confidence and smile.


Do only teenagers get the braces treatment?

No, braces are for all!! Anyone can get them done as per their functional and esthetic needs. Ask your concerned dentist/ orthodontist for the guidance and treatment options.


How long would it take?

Your orthodontic treatment goes for a little long than any other dental procedure. It may take from several months to 2 years to achieve the best results. This depends on your individual condition and age. During this time, you will be called periodically to get your treatment done.


Braces treatment falls in the category of corrective dental treatment. From sometime this has gained massive popularity. It enhances your smile and gives your face symmetry. It also massively improves your overall dental health.

If you are the one who is been planning to get the braces treatment done, book an appointment with us so that we help you achieve your beautiful smile that enhances your overall personality.

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