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If you are looking for Dental Implants in Sainikpuri, visit us at Clean and Correct Dentistry. We are one of the best dental clinic to get quality treatment with affordable price.

You have a missing tooth or teeth? You are looking for permanent option? Don’t want to compromise your other teeth? Then dental implant is the answer to your queries.

A dental Implant is a great alternative to replace your missing natural teeth. It is basically a tooth root replica that is placed in your jaw. The dental implant functions just like your real one. No more compromises in eating your favorite food.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. The implant screw is made of titanium. As titanium is a bio-compatible material, it merges well with your bone by the process known as osseo-integration.

Within few weeks it completely adapts to your bone and then a crown/ prosthesis is placed over it. And here you go with the best dental treatment available for missing teeth.

Am I the right candidate for the dental implant?

  1. You have a missing tooth/teeth.

  2.  You want a permanent replacement of your missing natural teeth.

  3. Your jaw bone is fully mature.

  4. You want a fixed prosthesis not the removable ones.

  5.  You don’t have a serious medical health issue.


What is the cost of getting the dental implant?

A dental implant cost varies from 20k to 40k on an average. It is a highly specialised procedure and can be done by only special trained dental surgeons.

At Clean and Correct Dentistry, you can get the implant at the best rate from one of the best Implantologists.

If you are facing above mentioned problems then book an appointment with us today. We make sure that you get rid of all your worries associated with implant treatment in the most painless way. Our team is highly skilled and we are equipped with latest instrumentation to deliver you the best experience.

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