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Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

If you are noticing bad breath, bleeding spots in gums, levels of gum going down in lower teeth and upwards in upper teeth, then you might be suffering from gum disease. They are either classified as gingivitis (mild form of gum disease) and periodontitis (moderate to severe form). Gums are the guards of your teeth. Healthy gums pave a way to good health of your teeth.


Why are my gums bleeding or why do I have bad breath?

The underlying gum disease (gingivitis) is the reason for the same. When your food interacts with oral bacteria, they form an invisible film called Plaque. This plaque requires daily removal because it re-forms quickly. If we miss this during our routine oral hygiene habits this plaque turns into tartar or calculus.

This further makes plaque more difficult to remove as the calculus has now created a protective shield for bacteria. This further causes redness or swelling in gums, bleeding points or bad breath.

If we do not treat at this level then it can lead to loosening of the teeth which is caused by the spread of infection into the underlying bones. The condition is known as periodontitis. During initial levels, a teeth cleaning can correct most of the problem, however if it progress then it can even lead to loss of tooth/teeth. During this stage minor gum surgery will be needed to rectify the issue.


What exactly is gum treatment?

Depending on the stage of your gum disease, we decide various treatments. It can simply be a teeth cleaning, or curettage and root planning and further can be flap surgery to remove all the infection in teeth. Flap surgery can be even done with the help of LASER to further comfort you in terms of treatment time. It also significantly decreases the discomfort associated with surgery.


We at Clean and Correct Dentistry, Dental Clinic in Sainikpuri are equipped with latest technology and specialist to deliver the best treatment for your needs.

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