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Teeth Cleaning

Image by Caroline LM

A professional teeth cleaning is required to eliminate the plaque, calculus and bacteria which are missed in routine tooth brushing. The professional teeth cleaning and polishing prevents cavity, gum diseases and tooth loss. To experience a hassle free and comfortable teeth cleaning visit Clean and Correct Dentistry, Dental Clinic in Sainikpuri.


Do I need teeth cleaning?

If you are suffering from bad breath, or you have noticed bleeding spots in your gums and if you have stains in your teeth, you should get the teeth cleaning done immediately. Otherwise, teeth cleaning can be done once in 6 months to keep your dental health in check.


Why are my teeth stained?

This can be attributed to multiple reasons-

  1. Improper brushing. You may be brushing twice but it’s the technique of tooth brushing that plays a key role.

  2. Consuming excess tea or coffee can be another reason for the same.

  3. Chronic habit of smoking is yet another factor that leads to development of stains.

Whatever might be the reason, we at Clean and Correct Dentistry are here to help you get a sparkling smile and get rid of any stains that might be bothering you.


How does this procedure takes place?

A professional teeth cleaning is usually done as a single appointment procedure with the help of ultrasonic scaler. The specialized tips work in vibratory motion to effectively clean all the deposits and stains. This takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Does a teeth cleaning make my teeth weak?

This has been the most common myth circulating amongst people from a long time. The ultrasonic scaler used for teeth cleaning is specifically designed to achieve professional teeth cleaning and by no means can harm your teeth.It is an absolutely safe procedure and done routinely in dental practice.


Teeth cleaning is one of the most common preventive dental treatment done to help patients from developing other dental problems. And yes it is very pocket friendly as well!!

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